Thursday, July 26, 2007


It's about time for memory makers to jump into the TV download market.

SanDisk Corporation filed a trademark application on July 18, 2007 for TakeTV for a wide variety of fields of use, including:
  • computer hardware and software for viewing downloaded content;
  • computer and software for transmitting downloaded content;
  • hardware plug compatible with standard connectors that can carry video protected or pre-owned by users.
But SanDisk might not stop with its usual hardware solutions. That same trademark application protects TakeTV for "content download services for downloading content from websites, digital content kiosks, DVD stations."

SanDisk recently joined forces with Yahoo! for its Sansa Connect Wi-Fi MP3 player. Makes you wonder whether SanDisk will continue its relationship with Yahoo! and use an expanded Yahoo! TV to bring TakeTV to market for its video players.

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