Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Stand-Up Comic Dies a Thousand Deaths, a Sitcom Star Dies But Once

Don't forget about The Comedy Festival. The Vegas festival starts this Thursday.

The Primetime session really caught my attention. With a description like this, how could a TV buff not be interested?
Who will be the next Jerry, Roseanne, Raymond or Ellen? In Primetime, The Comedy Festival introduces comics with a point of view so distinctive, you'll soon be on a first-name basis with them too.
They make it sound so easy. Come. Perform. Kill audience. Sign network contract. Star in hit TV series.

If only it was that easy.

Let's take a look back at the American Comedy Awards. You'd think that performers who won an ACA award for outstanding stand-up comedy would star in a series that hit the airwaves shortly after the big win. Well, only seven comedians hacked this comedy routine. Can you name these comedians and their series?

1. Jerry Seinfeld won an ACA in 1988.
"Seinfeld" (as "The Seinfeld Chronicles") premiered on 7/5/1989.

2. Paula Poundstone won an ACA in 1989.
"The Paula Poundstone Show" premiered on 10/30/1993.

3. Jeff Foxworthy won an ACA in 1990.
"The Jeff Foxworthy Show" premiered on 9/12/1995.

4. Ellen DeGeneres won an ACA in 1991.
"Ellen" premiered on 3/29/1994.

5. Richard Jeni won an ACA in 1993.
"Platypus Man" premiered on 1/23/1995.

6. Margaret Cho won an ACA in 1994.
"All-American Girl" premiered on 9/14/1994.

7. Wanda Sykes won an ACA in 2001.
"Wanda at Large" premiered on 3/26/2003.

And what about Roseanne? She won an ACA for stand-up comedy the year after ''Roseanne'' premiered.

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