Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Donut Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

At least I'm amused when donut is used that way.

I was entering ep names for children's shows yesterday I came across a title that used donut instead of don't. Thought it was clever and assumed others thought so too. That's the story about why today's list is donut-related.

Turns out that whole donut-don't substitution? Not so popular. Here's a list of fun ep titles that use the word donut anyways:
  • Dawn of the Donuts (''!Mucha Lucha!,'' 10/2/2004)

  • Donut Let It Bring You Down (''The Big Comfy Couch'')

  • An Epic Tale of Heroes and Donuts (''!Mucha Lucha!,'' 5/1/2004)

  • Slam Dunkin Donuts (''DiResta,'' 3/1/1999)

  • Take Two Donuts and Call Me in the Morning (''The Louie Show,'' 1/31/1996)

  • War of the Donuts (''!Mucha Lucha!,'' 11/29/2003)

  • When a Man Loves a Donut (''Wings,'' 11/28/1995)

  • Where the Donuts Are Good, Not Great (''The Jeff Foxworthy Show,'' 9/23/1996)

  • Zeros to Donuts (''Curious George,'' 9/6/2006)

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