Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Here Today, Still Here Tomorrow

''Deal or No Deal'' preemed last night on NBC.

Whenever I see a game show, I always think about Betty White. Why? Not only was she The Queen of Television, but she truly was the queen of game shows.

Ms. White appeared on approximately 1000 game show eps as a contestant or panelist. That's right. About one thousand episodes as a player.

What's most remarkable about her accomplishment? The sheer number of different game shows on which she appeared. Most celebs focused on one series with a few other guest appearances, but Ms. White was quite versatile. She appeared at least once as a player or panelist on the following game shows:
(+/-)Betty White Game Show Appearances

Even thought that list is pretty impressive, it's not today's trivia question.

Only four celebs appeared as a contestant or panelist in more game show eps than Betty White. Can you name them?

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