Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Blessed Is He Who Elects Nothing, For He Shall Never Be Disappointed

It's the evening of Election Day and I've conceded the CA gubernatorial race.

I just couldn't convince enough people to write-in my name. And, of course, there's the small problem that few people in LA County know that you have to write the candidates' "names and the office on the gray envelope pocket provided for write-in votes." I doubt I'm even a "qualified write-in candidate" anyways — I couldn't even convince me to vote for myself.

How do TV writers view elections? Here's a glimpse through ep titles:
  • Vote for Me, Darling (''Love that Jill,'' 2/17/1958)
  • Ed the Voter (''Mr. Ed,'' 11/5/1961)
  • Vote for Brady (''The Brady Bunch,'' 12/12/1969)
  • The Graveyard Vote (''Banyon,'' 9/29/1972)
  • Think Smartly--Vote Hartley (''The Bob Newhart Show,'' 1/11/1975)
  • Death Casts a Vote (''Quincy, M.E.,'' 10/21/1977)
  • The Cemetery Vote (''Murder, She Wrote,'' 4/5/1987)
  • Don't Rock the Vote (''Charles in Charge,'' )
  • Vote Early and Vote Often (''Evening Shade,'' 1/28/1991)
  • Dick the Vote (''3rd Rock from the Sun,'' 10/27/1996)
  • Get Your Vote On (''City Guys,'' 11/13/1999)
  • Vote of Kong-fidence (''Donkey Kong Country,'' 4/7/2000)
  • Mock the Vote (''City Guys,'' 11/3/2001)

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