Friday, October 06, 2006

Pools Rush In

Coming soon to a store near you — a floating media center for your swimming pool.

You know you've dreamed about it. You. Stretched out on your inflatable raft. Getting a wicked tan. But you're bored. That radio is OK. Your mp3 player is better. What if you could have a margarita in one hand and your TV remote in the other while you bask in the sun?

If that's your fantasy, then Aquatron LLC is developing the product just for you.

First, Aquatron developed the Aquabot, an autonomous robotic pool cleaner. Think of it as the Roomba for your pool. If iRobot Corp. develops a similar product, they'll probably call it the Poolba.

Now, Aquatron is developing the floating multimedia platform. Aquatron was granted its first patent (7,089,876) for the idea on August 15, 2006. Just yesterday, Aquatron applied for additional patent protection (20060223394) for the same idea with wireless communications. No word as to when it might be available.

It's probably too big for my bathtub; so I'll have to build a pool before I can test this product.

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