Wednesday, February 01, 2006

After the Beast Comes the Wreck 'n Zing

Over the past few days I saw a lot of ads for the Route 666 ep of "Supernatural."

I'm sure political types read something into the fact that WB aired the ep opposite Bush's State of the Union Address. The right says that Hollywood disrespected Bush somehow by playing an ep with that title. The left says that you could've watched the devil on every network last night.

Personally, I thought about that commercial parody for Motel 6: "This is Tom Bodett for Motel 666, and we'll leave the burning goat out for you."

I was surprised how few series used 666 in ep titles. Here's the short list:
  • Reply Box No. 666 (''The Champions,'' 10/9/1968)
  • Route 666 (''Married…with Children,'' 4/28/1991)
  • Get Your Kicks on Route 666 (''Cheers,'' 9/26/1991)
  • Flight 666 (''The Immortal,'' 11/25/2000)
  • Motel 666 (''The Apprentice,'' 1/27/2005)
  • Route 666 (''Supernatural,'' 1/31/2006)

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