Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Experience Is the Best Teacher, But TV Can Teach Kids the Alphabet

It's back-to-school time. Ahhh! The memories.

As young children we all learned the alphabet. 'A' is for apple. 'B' is for... You know the drill. Boring. But effective.

Kids today need something more extreme. They need the ultimate alphabet lesson. What if we use TV ep titles to teach the alphabet to our children? What would they learn?

  • 'A' as in Anxiety (''Mister Novak'')
  • Dial 'B' for Virgin (''Married with Children'')
  • 'C' Is for Model (''Living Dolls'')
  • 'D' Is for Date(''Family Ties'')
  • 'F' Is for Framed (''L.A. Heat'')
  • Dial 'G' for Grindl (''Grindl'')
  • 'H' Is for Hurricane (''Armstrong Circle Theatre'')
  • Dial 'J' for Janitor (''The Honeymooners'')
  • Kooper with a 'K' (''Take Five'')
  • 'L' Is for Love and Larceny (''N.Y.P.D.'')
  • 'M' Is for the Many Things She Lifted (''His & Hers'')
  • 'N' Is for Nightmare(''Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law'')
  • Dial 'O' for Murder (''Hack'')
  • 'P' Is for Paul (''The Crew'')
  • 'S' Is for Seduction (''Dallas'')
  • 'T' Is for Traitor (''Iron Horse'')
  • 'V' as in Voodoo (''Yancy Derringer'')
  • 'X' Equals Murder (''Johnny Midnight'')
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