Friday, March 10, 2006

A Card Player Is Only as Good as His Tools

Just when I think the poker craze has reached its apex, I find something new that tells me I'm completely wrong. Again.

According to a recent trademark filing by WPT Enterprises, Inc., WPT Academy will provide "instruction, strategies and tips in the field of card games via television, a global computer network and wireless devices." I'm guessing that "WPT Academy" will air as a weekly series on Travel Channel this Fall.

Frankly, I'm surprised it took the WPT so long. Take a look at this timeline for poker-related instructional resources:
  • 2004 Oct 13: The two-hour "WPT Poker Corner" preems on Travel Channel and is hailed as the "first televised poker analysis show."
  • 2005 Feb 1: "WPT Poker Corner" bows on XM Radio as a 60-second daily audio segment.
  • 2005 Jul 29: WPT Enterprises, Inc. purchases the domain name,
  • 2005 Sep 27: " Presents: Learn from the Pros" debuts on Fox Sports Net.
  • 2005 Dec 19: WPT announces that World Poker Tour: The Official Magazine will appear in the UK soon.

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