Friday, September 15, 2006

The Wish Is Father of the Speed

CBS has innertube. Comedy Central has Motherload. E! has The Vine. What do they have in common? They're all great portals to watch streaming content, but you can't download anything.

Looks like Speed Channel may lap them all.

Right now you can watch more than 40 streaming vid clips in the interactive/video section of Speed Channel's site. Not too bad. Soon you may even be able to download clips from the site!

According to documents that it filed with the US Patent & Trademark Office on September 8, 2006, Speed Channel protected the phrase, Speed Garage, for "downloadable television programs and audio visual content."

That says it all.

I have no other information, but I will speculate a little bit:
  • I'm guessing that you'll see Speed Garage in the main menu right next to Speed Store.
  • The main site for Speed Store is, and I would expect the main site for Speed Garage to be I especially think so because is owned by somebody else & and its variations are all still available for purchase.

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