Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand to Watch These Shows

What were TV's guiltiest pleasures last season?

Not just guilty, but really shameful. So reprehensible that we were embarrassed to watch these series if friends and family were in the same house!

From September 19, 2005 through May 24, 2006, 14 series on US primetime network TV averaged less than 1.30 viewers per household:
  • 1.20 viewers per watching household: ''The Bedford Diaries''
  • 1.22: ''Sex, Love & Secrets''
  • 1.23: ''Get This Party Started''
  • 1.24: ''South Beach''
  • 1.26: ''Inconceivable''
  • 1.27: ''Related'' & ''Jake in Progress''
  • 1.28: ''Pepper Dennis'' & ''Living with Fran'' & ''The Apprentice: Martha Stewart'' & ''Survival of the Richest''
  • 1.29: ''What I Like About You'' & ''The Bachelor: Paris'' & ''PrimeTime Live''
If you look at last year's list, you'll see "The Bachelor," Primetime" and "Jake in Progress" all had repeat performances.

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