Friday, June 02, 2006

Loose Clips Sync Zip

Just when you think Paxson is kaput, there's some odd sign of life. Last week Paxson Productions, Inc. filed docs with the USPTO to protect the phrase, Clip-Sync.

What is it? According to the filing, "Clip-Sync" might be a gameshow. Or maybe just a segment on another gameshow. Or maybe just an online resource for game information. Or maybe an online game.

Maybe the website,, will tell me more. Oh, wait. Nobody's registered that domain name yet. (Domain prospectors: here's an opportunity if you think Paxson will pony up some dough.)

Now you see why Paxson is losing money. The company pays lawyers to legally protect a name it doesn't know what to do with and then fails to pay nine dollars to protect the domain name for the next year while it figures it out.


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