Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Opportunity Never Knocks Twice...Well, Almost Never

Two Tony Awards. Two leading roles on TV.

Eight performers won at least two Tony Awards for Best Actor/Actress and had leading roles in at least two primetime TV series. Can you name these performers?

  • Shirley Booth ("Hazel" and "A Touch of Grace")
  • Brian Dennehy ("Big Shamus, Little Shamus," "Birdland," "The Fighting Fitzgeralds" and "Star of the Family")
  • Julie Harris ("Family Holvak" and "Thicker than Water")
  • Judd Hirsch ("Dear John," "Delvecchio," "Detective in the House," "George & Leo" and "Taxi")
  • James Earl Jones ("Gabriel's Fire," "Paris" and "Under One Roof (1995)")
  • Nathan Lane ("Charlie Lawrence" and "Encore! Encore!"
  • James Naughton ("Making the Grade," "Raising Miranda," and "Trauma Center")
  • Phil Silvers ("The New Phil Silvers Show" and "The Phil Silvers Show")

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