Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Show Is Never Cited for Showing Itself Often

Last week I told you about the series that accounted for the most schedule time on cable TV during the second quarter of this year (4/1/2006 - 6/30/2006). That little exercise got me thinking about which episode aired the greatest number of times during that same time period.

Well, with a little database magic I found the answer for you.

But first I have to tell you about something that shocked me. During that 91-day period, some eps aired at least 20 times. Twenty times! Now that's getting your money's worth. And it wasn't an isolated incident — 40 different eps aired that often.

Without further ado, here are the top twelve most-aired eps on cable TV from 4/1/2006 through 6/30/2006:
  • 53 times: Action News (''The Surreal Life,'' VH1)
  • 46: Tawny Takes on Flo (''The Surreal Life,'' VH1)
  • 35: Nick Gets the Bug (''Hogan Knows Best,'' VH1/CMT)
  • 34: Blind Confusion (''Top Chef,'' BRAVO)
  • 34: Family Vacation (''Hogan Knows Best,'' VH1/CMT)
  • 33: Yes You Can! (''Johnny & the Sprites,'' Disney)
  • 32: Who's on First? (''Johnny & the Sprites,'' Disney)
  • 32: Waiting for the Stars (''Johnny & the Sprites,'' Disney)
  • 32: Leave a Little Lettuce (''Johnny & the Sprites,'' Disney)
  • 32: Laugh, Basil, Laugh (''Johnny & the Sprites,'' Disney)
  • 31: Phillips (''Daddy's Spoiled Little Girl,'' WE)
  • 30: Reunion: After the Lovin' (''The Flavor of Love,'' VH1)

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