Monday, September 18, 2006

trivialTV Ep Vid Finder: Update #01

Today I've added ~900 links to the trivialTV Ep Vid Finder, including 849 links to the following sites:
Toonami Jetstream
adult swim fix
Of course there are some links to CinemaNow shows you can already buy elsewhere, but you might find this update especially interesting since many of the links lead to exclusive FREE full-length eps for:
  • CinemaNow
    • ''Danger Man'' (ITV)
    • ''Graham Kerr's Kitchen''
    • ''Joe 90''
    • ''Liography''/''Liography'' (Comedy Network - Canada)
    • ''Nilus the Sandman''
    • ''Petey & Jaydee''
    • ''Real Life 101'' (Synd)
    • ''ReBoot'' (Cartoon Network)
    • ''Second Chances'' & ''Hotel Malibu'' (CBS): JLo ALERT!
    • ''St. Bear's Hospital''
    • ''The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet'' (ABC)
    • ''The Big Garage''
    • ''The Danny Thomas Show'' (ABC)
    • ''The Dinah Shore Chevy Show'' (NBC)
    • ''The Frank Sinatra Show'' (CBS)
    • ''The Jim Rose Twisted Tour'' (Travel)
    • ''The Longhouse Tales''
    • ''The Protectors'' (Synd)
    • ''The Saint'' (ITV)
    • ''UFO''
  • Toonami Jetstream
    • ''Hikaru no Go''
    • ''Mar''
    • ''Megas XLR''
    • ''Naruto''
    • ''The Prince of Tennis''
  • Adult Swim
    • ''Aqua Teen Hunger Force''
    • ''Korgoth of Barbaria''
    • ''Metalocalypse''
    • ''Paranoia Agent''
    • ''Pee-Wee's Playhouse''
    • ''Robot Chicken''
    • ''Samurai Champloo''
    • ''Squidbillies''
    • ''Stroker & Hoop''
    • ''Tom Goes to the Mayor''
Plus you'll be able to purchase eps of ''Survivor: Cook Islands'' & ''Solitary'' with the choice of renting or buying ''Bikini Destinations.'' And even more.

Enjoy and start here

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