Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Sound Mind in a Sound iPod

Apple announced its iPod Hi-Fi on Tuesday with a very lukewarm reception. People expected a true video iPod — that's just an iPod with 6GB storage and a larger video screen — and those people felt cheated. Whatever. Rumors are just that. Rumors.

They can pine for the next gen Video iPod all they want. I'm anxiously awaiting an accessory for Video iPods.

Now that Apple has external speakers for its iPod, why shouldn't it produce an external screen (with speakers) for its Video iPod? What if Apple made an under-the-counter LCD screen with a dock for a Video iPod?

Seems like a natural development milestone to me.

Apple's goal is simple. They want you to buy content only from them and store that content on one or more their portable devices that you play using one or more of their accessories. Apple wants you living in an Apple world.

Well, their world is missing an external screen. Sure the workarounds for using your TV appeared almost immediately, but nothing beats seamless integration. Apple already sells LCD screens for computers; so a Video iPod external LCD is only a small step.

Let the speculation begin. I'm guessing we'll see the accessory next year at this time.

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