Friday, November 10, 2006

TV Music Guitar Hero

Over the last five years we've seen TV make a concerted effort to more seamlessly integrate music media as part of the viewing experience. The WB presented music from new artists in its teen-oriented shows and briefly featured that artist at the end of the show. Shows like "Grey's Anatomy" have great music directors that use blogs to highlight their choices.

And MTV has started to integrate TV with video games through "Virtual Laguna Beach." The TV-gaming integration is reminiscent of the early days of the TV-music relationship. There are crossovers, but they're treated differently. In about five years I expect to see more synergy between TV and gaming.

What if you combine all three of these media outlets (TV, music, gaming)? You can imagine playing games like TV Music Guitar Hero. Imagine your tween child has a wireless guitar next to the couch. As Hannah Montana sings her next hit song — if you didn't know, her album set a record with six singles on Billboard's Hot 100 in the same week and is the only TV soundtrack to debut at #1 on Billboard's Top 200— the bottom of the screen automatically switches to a video game while the top of the screen continues to show "Hannah Montana." Your child watches the show, listens to the music, plays Guitar Hero and can even choose to compete against other children who are also playing in the Hannah Montana Guitar Hero community.

Now that's media convergence.

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