Thursday, July 27, 2006

First Comedy, First Served

I'd love to see a version of Mystery Science Theater 3000 written by the masses, and now is the time for somebody to step up.

The talent is there and willing. Are you worried the snide remarks won't be witty enough compared to professional writers? You'd be surprised how much quality amateur talent is waiting to be discovered and how many freelance pro writers want to advertise their wares. Just take a look at the response to Ken Levine's little punch-line contest and the winning entries. Just give appropriate credit and people will come.

The technology is available. Last week Google Video announced that you can link to a specific point within a video. Once you can link to a clip, you can associate something with it.

Now some site simply has to put these two ideas together. Choose a video from Google Video and set up multiple links to different parts of the video. Have users supply their wittiest remarks for each of these links — ideally with a voice recording but text will do for now. Review the comedy, choose the best ones and mash the funniest punch lines with the video.


I just wish I was funny enough to play along with something like this.

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