Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Better the Actor You Know Than the Name That You Don't

Donald James Yarmy died late Sunday.


Would you believe...Don Adams is one of the many actors and actresses who changed last names for the screen and stage. Many actors took new identities for personal, political, artistic or business reasons. Other actors heard SAG say, "Sorry about that, chief!" and were forced to change names since each Guild member must have a unique name.

What other TV actors and actresses changed their last names for their craft? Match the performer's screen name (left column) with his/her birth surname (right column):

Performer's Screen NamePerformer's Birth Surname
1.Jason Alexandera.Ball
2.Lynda Carterb.Baumgarner
3.Emma Caulfieldc.Brown
4.Angie Dickinsond.Chukker
5.Barbara Edene.Cordoba
6.Sally Fieldf.Cox
7.James Garnerg.Douglas
8.Kathie Lee Giffordh.Epstein
9.Cheryl Laddi.Greenspan
10.Michael Keatonj.Huffman
11.Bernie Mack.Mahoney
12.Joan Riversl.McCollough
13.Dick Sargentm.Molinksy
14.Lindsay Wagnern.Stoppelmoor


sources: rottentomatoes.com, wikipedia stage names.

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Toby said...

What were Dick Sargent's parents thinking when they named him Richard Cox? If there's such a thing as power in names.....