Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Fax about Sax and Violins on TV

TV writers love using puns in ep titles. Just take a look at NBC's schedule this Friday night and you'll see an ep of "Las Vegas" named A History of Violins.

Here's more TV ep fax about sax and violins:
  • Fax or Fiction (''Murphy Brown,'' 4/30/1990)
  • A Matter of Fax (''Sleepwalkers,'' 5/31/1998)

  • Lucy Is a Sax Symbol (''Life with Lucy,'' 10/25/1986)
  • No Sax Please - We're Egyptian (''Count Duckula'')
  • Let's Talk About Sax (''The Steve Harvey Show,'' 10/15/1997)
  • Lisa's Sax (''The Simpsons,'' 10/19/1997)

  • Death and Violins (''Dharma & Greg,'' 1/6/1999)
  • Sex and Violins (''Unhappily Ever After,'' 2/14/1999)
  • A History of Violins (''Las Vegas,'' 11/17/2006)

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