Thursday, December 14, 2006

One More Knight

Lifetime recently cancelled "Lovespring International" and "Angela's Eyes" and pushed "Monarch Cove" out of primetime. With these three shows on the way out, what's in the pipeline?

You can read about some upcoming shows in MultiChannel News' interview with Lifetime President, Susanne Daniels (11 Dec 2006). Of course, Ms. Daniels didn't reveal everything. In the interview she unveils news about "Hello, Goodbye" which she says
is set at an airport. It's basically the comings and goings of people at an airport, but it's very emotional and is something that will appeal to women.
But she didn't tell you about another reality show being developed, "7 Dates, One Knight."

On December 1, 2006 Lifetime Entertainment Services filed docs with the USPTO to protect "Hello, Goodbye" and "7 Dates, One Knight." Since "Hello, Goodbye" is shooting its pilot next week, I assume that a pilot for "7 Dates" won't be far behind.

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