Friday, March 24, 2006

Don't Give Up the Zip

You might be watching "American Inventor" on ABC, but did you watch "Made in the USA" on the USA Network last Fall? I didn't think so. Apparently, nobody watched. The show moved from primetime Wednesday to early Thursday evening to Friday mornings, and then USA pulled it from the air before announcing the winner in the sixth (and last) ep.

But maybe you should've watched. Justin Marty and Joshua Pace were eliminated in the fourth episode. Why is that significant? The History Channel and Invent Now, Inc. selected their Quad Zipper as one of "the 25 semi-finalists of the Modern Marvels Invent Now® Challenge, a national competition that provides an opportunity for independent inventors to be recognized and to influence the ever-changing face of invention."

Not bad for an invention that finished fourth (out of six) in a failed reality show. I can't wait to see if any inventions from "American Inventor" crack this list.

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