Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Nude Beginning Makes a Nude Ending

I know it's odd, but every Super Bowl I think of nudity. Thanks, janet. And now we have the Chevy commercial to thank too.

In honor of that weird thought, here's a list of TV series with the word naked in the title. All for you.
  • ''Naked'' (1995, Aus)
  • ''The Naked Archaeologist'' (2005)
  • ''The Naked Brothers Band'' (2007, Nick)
  • ''Naked CafĂ©'' (1994, VH1)
  • ''Naked Cannes''( 2005)
  • ''Naked Celebrity'' (2004, five - UK)
  • ''The Naked Chef'' (1999)
  • ''Naked City'' (1958, ABC)
  • ''Naked City'' (1993)
  • ''Naked City'' (2003, UK)
  • ''Naked Elvis''( 1999, Ch4 - UK)
  • ''Naked Happy Girls'' (2007, Playboy)
  • ''Naked Island'' (1965, UK)
  • ''Naked Josh'' (2004)
  • ''The Naked Lady'' (1959, BBC1)
  • ''The Naked Mind'' (1974)
  • ''Naked Nashville'' (1998)
  • ''Naked New York with Bob Berkowitz'' (2002)
  • ''Naked News'' (1995)
  • ''Naked News'' (2000)
  • ''The Naked Pilgrim: The Road to Santiago'' (2003, UK)
  • ''Naked Planet'' (1999)
  • ''Naked Science'' (2004, Nat Geo)
  • ''Naked Sport'' (, UK)
  • ''The Naked Trucker and T-Bones Show'' (2007, Comedy Central)
  • ''The Naked Truth'' (1995, ABC)
  • ''Naked Truth'' (2001)
  • ''The Naked Vicar Show''(1977)
  • ''Naked Video''(1986, BBC2)
  • ''Nicholas Craig, the Naked Actor''(1990)
  • ''Playboy's Really Naked Truth''(1995)
I probably missed a few. If you know of any others, please leave a comment.


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