Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hope Springs Eternal in the TV Viewer's Mind

As you watch TV do you sometimes think to yourself, "This show sucks. I have a great idea for a show! And really, how hard can it be to create a TV show?" And then your mind wanders, thinking about Seinfeld-like residual payments for the rest of your life.

Boy, have you come to the right place.

I've developed a proprietary four-step method that will help you generate a concept that will be as big as "Seinfeld." Guaranteed!

And because I want you to be a loyal reader, I give this to you for free. That's right. Absolutely free. All you have to do is read "Trivial TV" at least once a week for the next year.

Here are your four steps to TV riches:
  • Step 1: You know that great idea that you have? Write it down. Go ahead. You gotta' start somewhere. Just jot down a few words about the concept. You're on your way now!

  • Step 2: Wow! Your idea is pretty awesome. But I know you can do better. Think really hard and write down one more idea for a TV show. Perfect.

  • Step 3: Now write down 4998 more ideas. No. That's not a typo. Four thousand nine hundred and ninety eight more thoughts.

  • Step 4: Those 5000 concepts can't all be winners. Take a critical look at your list and highlight 1000 of your best thoughts. One of those highlighted ideas is your ticket to riches.

  • Just pitch each of these concepts to the appropriate network exec because:
  • From these 1000 pitches, networks will order nearly 200 scripts.

  • Networks will commission 60 pilots from this pile of scripts.

  • Only 20 of these pilots will ever see the airwaves as a regularly-scheduled program.

  • Six of these skeins will see a second season.

  • About three of these six series will air four seasons or more.

  • One of these shows will air more than seven years.

  • Disclaimer: Results are approximate and may not be typical. Statistics are based on the experiences of people familiar with the TV industry. People not experienced with the TV industry may suffer severe side effects and may not be as successful.

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    Steamboat Lion said...

    It's like the recipe for instant success in ten years!