Tuesday, July 11, 2006

If You Can't Stand the Repeats, Get Out of the Living Room

You're home sick for a week and you're mindlessly flipping through the 300-odd channels on your digital receiver. Even though you're bleary-eyed, you're convinced that some series are repeated over and over and over. Trust me, it's not your imagination.

Now think about it. Which former network TV series were the greatest schedule fillers during the second quarter of 2006? From 4/1/2006 through 6/30/2006 the following series aired at least 273 hours outside of net primetime:
  • 523 hours: ''Walker, Texas Ranger'' (Hallmark, USA)
  • 431: ''Little House on the Prairie'' (Hallmark, TV Land)
  • 405: ''Cops'' (Court TV, FX, Synd)
  • 369: ''Roseanne'' (Nick, Oxygen)
  • 340: ''Murder, She Wrote'' (A&E, Biography)
  • 329: ''Law & Order: Criminal Intent'' (Bravo, USA)
  • 324: ''Law & Order'' (TNT)
  • 311: ''M*A*S*H'' (AMC, Hallmark, Synd)
  • 297: ''America's Funniest Home Videos'' (ABC Family, Synd)
  • 290: ''Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'' (USA, SciFi)
  • 286: ''The Wayans Bros.'' (BET)
  • 282: ''Full House'' (ABC Family, Nick)
Why 273 hours? That's an average of three hours per day.

Can you believe ''Walker, Texas Ranger'' nearly averaged six eps per day for three full months?

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