Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A PI Saved Is a PI Earned

If you watch the pilot ep of "Andy Barker" online, you'll find out that Andy takes over the office of Lew Staziak, Private Investigator.

I gotta say I was kind of disappointed. I expected to see a detective agency with a really cool name. Or some obscure reference I could figure out. And all I got was a person's name.

Mike Hammer and Eddie Drake have agencies named after them; so I shouldn't have been too surprised to simply see a person's name.

Then there's "Riptide," "Hawaiian Eye" and "Psych," where the series name is also the name of the PI firm.

And that brings us to this week's trivia question. Can you match each detective agency with its series?
Series NameDetective Agency
1."21 Beacon Street" (1959, NBC)a.The Beverly Hills Detective Agency
2."Charlie's Angels" (1976, ABC)b.The Blue Moon Detective Agency
3."Detective Conan"c.Caulfield Detective Agency
4."Inch High Private Eye" (1973, NBC)d.Charles Townsend Detective Agency
5."International Detective" (1959, Syn)e.Cosmos Detective Agency
6."Leg Work" (1987, CBS)f.The Dennis Chase Detective Agency
7."Me and Mom" (1985, ABC)g.Double Eagle Detective Agency
8."Moonlighting" (1985, ABC)h.Finkerton Detective Agency
9."Outlaws" (1986, CBS)i.The Lionel Whitney Agency
10."Partners in Crime" (1984, NBC)j.McCarron Investigations
11."Search" (1972, NBC)k.Moore Detective Agency
12."South of Sunset" (1993, CBS)l.Morgan, Garfield & Hunnicutt Detective Agency
13."Tek War" (1994, USA)m.Probe Detective Agency
14."Tenspeed and Brown Shoe" (1980, ABC)n.The William J. Burns International Detective Agency


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