Friday, January 13, 2006

Don't Cast Pearls Before Wine

"Hidden Wineries of Southern California" by MaDonna White is apparently enough of a hit with the high-brow crowd that Ms. White is putting her grand plan in motion.

On June 23, 2005 Cathy Thomas of the Orange County Register reported that:
White is chief executive officer of Hidden Wineries Inc., as well as publisher, author and one of the photographers. There are now 12 people on her management team, she said. Their plans include more than producing Hidden Wineries books. Eventually, she said, there will also be regional cookbooks that highlight food and wine pairings, and regional travel companions that are smaller take-along guides. Plans are also in the works for regional wine clubs that will offer sample wines for quarterly home delivery.
Now it appears that a broad-based TV show may be in her grand plans. MaDonna White, Inc. recently trademarked the general phrase, Hidden Wineries, for three different classes of goods & services. One of these classes included "Production of radio and television programs."

We'll see if her idea for a TV show ages as well as her favorite red.

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