Friday, May 26, 2006

The Dreams Always Rise to the Topless at 10,000

According to Jason Blevins' March 21, 2006 article in the Denver Post,
[Michael] Weiner [CEO and chairman of New Frontier Media] said he was angered by the resort's [Crested Butte] snub. So in addition to sponsoring most of the women skiers, he and [Carrie Jo] Chernoff threw a racy party in the underground lounge Lobar that definitely raised the carnal vibe in the fleece-is-sexy town.

The party - dubbed "Topless at 10,000 Feet" - featured an abundance of barely dressed dancers and was filmed as a special event for TEN subscribers. The skin-parading shindig also marked a unusual moment in skidom, with the sport's inherent sexiness - traditionally something barely noticeable underneath all that polypro and Gore-Tex - overtly displayed and unabashedly celebrated.
That was then. This is now.

Two months later — On May 17, 2006 — New Frontier Media (NFM) filed docs with the USPTO to protect the phrase, Topless at 10,000, for the purpose of "an adult television series."

What a great idea! The perfect mash of extreme sports, exotic locales and erotic women. Watch chicks shred the slopes during the day and hang with scantily-clad Betties at night as the party moves to a different resort every weekend.

I don't what NFM has planned, but at least that's my vision.

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