Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hospit-All Roads Lead to Los Angeles

If you've been following the development of the potential "Grey's Anatomy" spinoff, you'll know that Addison will likely join the Oceanside Wellness Group in Santa Monica if she leaves Grace Memorial.

I wonder whether she'll have a dual appointment over at the Family Practice Center in Lang Memorial Hospital on the other side of San Mo? Maybe even cross paths with Dr. Welby's legacy?

Probably not.

While Addison is in the LA area, what other TV-land hospitals might she visit? And which characters might she encounter? Find out by matching each series with the hospital where it took place? And, yes, two different series revolved around LA-area hospitals with the same name.
Series NameHospital or Medical Center
1."The Bob Crane Show" (1975, NBC)a.Angels of Mercy Hospital
2."Breaking Point" (1963, ABC)b.City General Hospital
3."City of Angels" (2000, CBS)c.Community General Hospital
4."Diagnosis Murder" (1993, CBS)d.Eastman Medical Center
5."Doctors' Hospital" (1975, NBC)e.Lowell Memorial Hospital
6."Doogie Howser, M.D." (1989, NBC)f.McKee General Hospital Trauma Center
7."Emergency!" (1972, NBC)g.New North Hospital
8."The Interns" (1970, CBS)h.Rampart Hospital
9."Medical Center" (1969, CBS)i.University Hospital
10."Nightingales" (1989, NBC)j.University Medical Center
11."Rafferty" (1977, CBS)k.Wilshire Memorial Hospital
12."Ryan's Four" (1983, ABC)l.York Hospital
13."Trauma Center" (1983, ABC)

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