Thursday, March 08, 2007

American Psychic Challenge

I see a new show in Lifetime's future. Wait. Wait. Something about....physicists. No, no. A reality show about psychics. Hold on. Not just a reality show. [long pause] But a competition. It's a competition to find America's next great psychic. There's more. It's going to be called....I'm having a hard time seeing it...but it's going to be called "American Psychic Challenge."

Apparently Lifetime wants to corner the markets on psychics since it couldn't get John Edwards.

If you remember, Lifetime presented British clairvoyant Lisa Williams last October in "Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead." Now it wants to find her heir-apparent. I wonder if Ms. Williams will be a judge? Maybe Cleo?

Anyways, as you probably guessed, I'm not psychic. Lifetime filed a trademark app that was published early this morning to protect the phrase 'American Psychic Challenge' for a reality series. I haven't heard or read anything else about the show.


Anonymous said...

I think this great,it show people not to have a programed mind, it show us that people are not crazy.
It show us there is life after death.I LOVE THIS SHOW !!!!!!!!!

Chakras said...

I've seen a game show like this on a video.

Anonymous said...

They say that good psychics always enjoy a challenge. Sounds like fun when you overcome obstacles.