Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Every Dog Has Its Primetime Series

This past weekend, while I was finding Food Net nuggets, I came across the ''Three Dog Bakery'' series. If you ever saw the show, you probably know about Sarah, Gracie and Dottie. Who are they? The three dogs from the series (and cookbook) title, of course.

These not-so-famous canines got me thinking about famous TV mutts, which brings us today's trivia question. Match the dog's name (right column) with the series (left column) that made it famous:

Series NameDog's Name
1.''7th Heaven''a.Buck
2.''Beverly Hillbillies''b.Comet
3.''Brady Bunch''c.Dreyfus
4.''The Dukes of Hazzard''d.Duke
5.''Empty Nest''e.Eddie
7.''Full House''g.Freeway
8.''Hart to Hart''h.Happy
9.''Married with Children''i.Levi
10.''My Three Sons''j.Reckless
11.''Sue Thomas, FB Eye''k.Tiger
12.''The Waltons''l.Tramp


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