Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Or at least that should be Blockbuster's new name, based on their recent report: "Blockbuster movie-rental chain said its earnings fell to a $57.2 million loss in the second quarter because of 'malaise' in the movie world."

Networks have adapted nicely to biz changes in how movies are delivered, but Blockbuster has not. Remember the early '90s when people actually anticipated the TV premiere of a feature film? The main effect on networks was simple--they had to present less original content than today since they could rely on theatrical films to fill airspace and find audiences.

Which brings us to the trivia question. In the last 20 years, which theatrical films were rated #1 for the week?

"Jurassic Park" (5/7/1995, NBC)
"Pretty Woman" (10/17/1993, ABC): a repeat showing!!
"Fried Green Tomatoes" (5/2/1993, NBC)

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