Tuesday, September 19, 2006

There's No School Like an Old School

If you watched ''The Class'' on CBS last night or on one of the off-broadcast digital outlets, then you know the pilot ep focused on the 20th reunion of a third grade class from Woodman Elementary School.

Here's your first pop quiz of the new school year. Match each school with its series.
Series NameElementary, Middle or Jr. High School
1."The Bad News Bears" (CBS, 1979)a.John Adams Jr. High
2."Boy Meets World" (ABC, 1993)b.Gerald R. Ford Middle School
3."Drexell's Class (Fox, 1991)c.Grant Elementary
4."The Faculty (ABC, 1996)d.Grantwood Elementary
5."Growing Up Creepie" (Disc Kids, 2006)e.Hamilton Middle School
6."Homeroom" (ABC, 1989)f.Hoover Jr. High School
7."Leave It to Beaver" (CBS, 1957)g.Robert F. Kennedy Jr. High
8."Lizzie McGuire" (Disney, 2001)h.Middlington Middle School
9."Nick Freno Licensed Teacher" (WB, 1996)i.North Hills Jr. High
10."The Secret World of Alex Mack" (Nick, 1994)j.P.S. 391 Elementary School
11."The Wonder Years" (ABC, 1988)k.Paradise Valley Jr. High


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