Thursday, July 26, 2007


If you can't take TV with you, maybe you can watch it the next day.

Hewlett-Packard filed a trademark application on July 19, 2007 for nextdayTV. Here's a low-res image of the logo from that trademark app:

The word mark is pretty self-explanatory, but I was surprised by the range of goods and services that were specified in the filing:
  • production and distribution of prerecorded video and audio performances;
  • providing non-downloadable television programs via a video-on-demand service;
  • DVD rental and subscription services;
  • hosting the digital audio and video content of others for the purpose of enabling others to download the content on a pay-per-view basis.
Don't be surprised in a year or so if the HP media center on your laptop directly connects to a new HP media store. And don't be shocked if HP provides original content and exclusive repurposed content to grab your attention.

I expect quite a battle over the next few years as different companies try to get you to visit and download video from their sites. HP and other computer manufacturers will load special software for their own centers. Microsoft will direct you to their site automatically if you use Internet Explorer. Your portable video player will take you to the manufacturer's site or its partner's site.

Let the battle begin.

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