Friday, September 29, 2006


According to trademark docs filed on September 22, 2006, The Cartoon Network is developing a new show called "Santologia." I confirmed their effort when I found Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. registered on June 15, 2006.

I have to say. This name really threw me for a loop and I immediately e-mailed The Cartoon Network for more info. And, yet again, my e-mail went unanswered. I see a pattern forming already.

Update (16 Nov 2006): It's a good thing that my readers are smarter than me. (Take a look at the comments. Thank you reader!) The show will be about the Mexican superstar wrestler, Santo. The front page on the website,, is also currently available.

strikethrough added on 16 Nov 2006
Let's see what we can figure out on our own.

I Googled Santologia, but that didn't do much for me. On Yahoo! I found a Spanish-language book, primera santologia which has the subtitle select stories on high personages. Hmm...still doesn't help very much.

What if we break the word into two parts Santo and Logia. It's no surprise that Santo means Saint — that's the only reason I separated the word. Logia is Greek for "oracles, divine responses, utterances, or sayings."

A cartoon about a saintly oracle? Maybe "Fairly OddParents" crossed with "Davey & Goliath"? But even funnier? I could see that show on Adult Swim.


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Ivan said...

dude santologia its about SANTO the best mexican LUCHADOR EVER :D

Ivan said...