Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Badd Music Travels Fast

Fifteen years ago the #1 song on Billboard's Hot 100 was I Adore Mi Amor by Color Me Badd.

The phrase, "Color Me ____," was definitely not new in the early 90s. People used "Color Me Pink" for ages. In the mid-70s we heard "Color Me Beautiful" for cosmetics. In the early 80s panty hose told women to "Color Me Sheer." I finally understand why women were drawn to Color Me Badd — I knew it wasn't the music, but I didn't make the connection to pop ads back then.

Since the saying has been around forever, TV writers should've been all over "Color Me ____" for ep titles. I was surprised to find only a few:
  • Color Me… (''Sheila Bridges: Designer Living'')
  • Color Me Addams (''The Addams Family'')
  • Color Me Barbra (''Great Performances'')
  • Color Me Dark (''Dear America'')
  • Color Me Dredful (''The Drak Pack'')
  • Color Me Gummi (''Adventures of the Gummi Bears'')
  • Color Me Invisible (''Voltron: Defender of the Universe'')
  • Color Me Piquel (''Bonkers'')
  • Color Me Yellow (''Man About the House'')

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