Friday, October 14, 2005

Don't Count the Actors, Make the Actors Count

Did you hear the rumor about Malcolm David Kelley leaving "Lost" because he was homesick? Maybe you also heard that if he left, the producers would have recast Walt's role with a new actor. According to TV Guide's Michael Ausiello, we don't have to worry yet.

This recasting possibility made me think about other TV characters played by multiple actors. ''The Aldrich Family'' and ''Big Town'' immediately came to mind since these series used five different performers to play the roles of Henry Aldrich and Lorelei Kilbourne, respectively. Of course ''Bewitched'' had one of the more famous cast changes when Dick Sargent replaced Dick York as the new Darrin Stephens.

Match each actress (left column) with her replacement (right column). For a few bonus points, name the TV character played by the pair. There's a twist though. One of the actresses in the left column played two different TV roles for which she was replaced.

ActressReplacement Actress
1.Barbara Bel Geddesa.Karen Cellini
2.Dixie Carterb.Sarah Chalke
3.Meg Fosterc.Sharon Gless
4.Lecy Goransond.Janet Louise Johnson
5.Cloris Leachmane.Stepfanie Kramer
6.Diane Markofff.June Lockhart
7.Pamela Sue Marting.Mary Ann Mobley
8.Catherine Oxenbergh.Donna Reed
i.Emma Samms


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