Thursday, March 29, 2007

HBO's New Tagline?

There are stories, and there are stories you talk about.

Not one of HBO's better slogans.

I really expect better. There's the old standby — It's not TV, it's HBO. The short-and-sweet — Simply the best. And my fave — We make water...cooler.

With "Deadwood" long-gone, "Rome" just finished and "The Sopranos" on its way to the grave, HBO is banking on a new lineup this summer. I suspect HBO will embark on a huge marketing campaign to try to recapture a distracted audience. And this slogan is the best it could do?

I'll keep checking HBO's trademark apps for any other scoop.

Source: United States Patent & Trademark Office (Serial Number: 77139317; Filing Date: March 23, 2007; Owner: Home Box Office, Inc.).

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