Friday, October 28, 2005

One Channel at a Time

Today I read about The Horror Channel, which is having a sneak peek presentation at midnight on 27 October 2005 before its premiere on 5 November 2005.

That was news enough for me, but I was shocked to learn that it's going to share space with The Men's Channel. Was I asleep for a while? How come I've never heard of The Men's Channel before? I can find newspapers refs to The Men's Channel as far back as 12 March 2001. That's over four years ago. And I never heard of it? Granted, I don't subscribe to the Dish Network, and I'm not a huge AOL fan. But still. Is that the best The Horror Channel could do?

Since I never heard of the Men's Channel, it made me wonder about other channels I've never heard of. I could've looked at TV listings, but I wanted to find obscure channels. I quickly clicked over to the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) and searched the trademark archives.

Here is a short list of the lesser known—but more interesting—channels that filed documents with the USPTO. Some of these hit the airwaves. Others never got off the ground. And the rest are just beginning their journey.
  • A.D.D. TV
  • alpha Mom TV
  • Bark TV
  • The Biker Channel
  • Cosmopolitan TV (Yes. Cosmopolitan, the magazine.)
  • Cool TV
  • The Disaster Channel
  • Dyke TV
  • Einstein Channel
  • Farmer's Almanac TV
  • Hype TV: Hot Young People's Entertainment Television
  • JC-TV: Jesus Christ TV
  • Ripe TV
  • Shower Channel
  • Taxidermy TV

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