Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tax Is Stranger Than Fiction

I love watching the 11PM news the night that taxes are due; so I loved the newscast last night. Lines and lines of people waiting to mail their forms at the post office. Even with the two extra days and e-filing, people will always wait until the last minute.

And that's today's topic for fun episode titles — taxes.

Of course you have all the series that use the phrase death & taxes. Nearly 20 different shows used that phrase for an ep title. Not so interesting. But a few shows used a variation of that phrase:
  • Death and Taxis (''Tattinger's,'' 12/7/1988)

  • Death or Taxes (''The Tall Man,'' 5/27/1961)

  • Debt and Taxes (''Uncommon Knowledge'')

  • Dick and Taxes (''3rd Rock from the Sun,'' 2/2/1999)

  • Life and Taxes (''Kraft Television Theater,'' 6/9/1955)

  • Love and Taxes (''Hothouse,'' 8/25/1988)

  • Sex & Taxes (''CSI: Miami,'' 4/11/2005)
And then you commentaries on income tax and taxation:
  • Only Schmucks Pay Income Tax (''NYPD Blue,'' 11/25/2003)

  • Pinkcome Tax (''The Pink Panther,'' )

  • Taxation With Bad Representation (''Eye for an Eye'')

  • Taxation Without Celebration (''The Bob Newhart Show,'' 2/19/1977)
Finally, you can use taxes in place of Texas:
  • Deep in the Heart of Taxes (''He & She,'' 11/22/1967)

  • Don't Mess with Taxes (''Reba,'' 1/27/2006)

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