Tuesday, September 26, 2006

All Modes Lead to Rome

"Ugly Betty" starts her job this Thursday at Mode, a Manhattan fashion magazine.

I really hope nobody considered calling the show "Betty a la Mode." I just have these horrible visions of writers sitting around a table trying to Americanize "Yo Soy Betty La Fea" with one scribe trying to be punnier than the next at some late-night brainstorming session.

Curious about other shows the features magazines? Match each mag with its series.
Series NameMagazine
1."The Doris Day Show" (CBS, 1968)a.Blush
2."The Hills" (MTV, 2006)b.CrimeWorld
3."Hot Shots" (CBS, 1986)c.Flavor
4."Just Shoot Me" (NBC, 1997)d.The Gate
5."Ladies' Man" (CBS, 1999)e.Stuff
6."Living Single" (Fox, 1993)f.Teen Vogue
7."Madman of the People" (NBC, 1994)g.Today's World
8."The Preston Episodes" (Fox, 1995)h.Women's Life
9."Shirley's World" (ABC, 1971)i.World Illustrated
10."Suddenly Susan" (NBC, 1996)j.Your Times


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