Thursday, November 09, 2006

Men's Men Tell No Tales

Turner Media Group — now The Media Group (TMG) — operates multiple channels, like Healthy Living Channel, The Men's Channel and Beauty & Fashion Channel.

If you go to the website for The Men's Channel, you'll see the following:
The Mens Channel is expanding, adding a new channel and making the original even better. See our new network Men's Outdoor & Recreation for the current line up, and make sure to check back as The Men's Channel will be back soon bigger and better.
You'll notice that the text is pretty vague about the new channel, but I have a guess. Turner Media Group filed docs with the USPTO on November 3, 2006 to protect the phrase Men Men's Entertainment Network for "cable channels in the fields of news and variety."

Sounds like a match to me.

I submitted a request for information on the TMG website, but I received no response.

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