Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ask a Silly Question and You'll Get a Complicated Answer

Just ask any gameshow host.

Because of the tragic news about Peter Tomarken's death, I'm dedicating most of the posts to gameshows this week.

Tomarken is best-known for his stint as the host of ''Press Your Luck'' in the mid-80s. You may not remember him, but I'm sure you remember 'No Whammies!' Yes, Tomarken hosted that show, but he also hosted five other gameshows:
  • ''Hit Man'' (NBC, 1983)
  • ''Bargain Hunters'' (ABC, 1987)
  • ''Wipeout'' (Synd, 1988)
  • ''Decades'' (GSN, 1994)
  • ''Paranoia'' (Fox Family, 2000)
Six series. Not bad. That number puts him somewhere in the mid-20s on the list of hosts who reigned over the most gameshows.

Can you name the ten hosts with the most gameshows?


Anonymous said...

I was watching an old episode of "Whammy" this morning and I swear one of the contestants going by the name of "Sandy" was Megan Mullally. Didn't catch any other info about her but she was on the final show of a $100,000 champion type show. Anybody else see it or know any other info?

Anonymous said...

I watched the same show and YES I believe that was Megan!!