Friday, November 11, 2005

If You Can't Join 'em, Watch 'em

But there has to be a limit to how far we insulate ourselves from reality. No?

On MTV's "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County" there is one scene in Season One (Nov 2, 2004) where the girls watch "The O.C." at LC's house. That's two degrees of separation from reality. "The O.C." is the first degree and "LB: TROC" is the second.

And you can imagine in five years that MTV2 will air "LB: TROC Reunion Special," where we watch an adult LC watch herself watch "The O.C." as a teenager. Three degrees. Does that mean that MTV3Local will broadcast from your city so you can watch local teens watch Laguna adults watch themselves watch "The O.C."? Four degrees.

What if you have a webcam? Your friends can go to your personal site and watch you watch local teens watch Laguna adults watch a younger LC watch "The O.C." Five degrees from reality.

At least it fills bandwidth. Just like the 2nd season finale of of "LB: TROC" this Monday.

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