Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Time Heals Baseball Wounds

According to ESPN, today is the voluntary reporting date for other players for Major League Baseball's spring training. What if baseball teams in TV Land also started spring training this month? What teams would we root for?

I don't mean real teams that are referenced on TV. Sam Malone's Red Sox are excluded.

And I don't mean fictional teams that appear only once or twice on TV shows. The Springfield Isotopes and the Capital City Capitals of "The Simpsons" are also excluded.

I only want to include fictional teams from scripted TV shows about baseball teams. I know baseball is no longer America's pasttime, but I was still surprised at the short list of TV series:
  • "Bad News Bears" (CBS, 1979): Hoover Bears
  • "Ball Four" (CBS, 1976): Washington Americans
  • "Bay City Blues" (NBC, 1983): Bay City Bluebirds
  • "Clubhouse" (CBS, 2004): New York Empires
  • "Hardball" (Fox, 1994): Pioneers

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