Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I Love Mock & Soul

Twenty-five years ago, Joan Jett's version of I Love Rock 'N Roll was in the middle of its seven week tour at the top of the Billboard charts. #1 song. Popular artist. Even part of Guitar Hero. I reckoned that TV scribes would love naming eps after the song.

I was wrong. Again.

I love a parade. I love you. I love LA. I love this game. I love Lucy. Those phrases were all appropriately honored. But not I Love Rock 'N Roll. I couldn't even find anything like I Kinda Like Rock 'N Roll or even I Tolerate Rock 'N Roll.

So I decided to look for any amusing ep titles about rock 'n roll.
  • Bedrock 'N' Roll (''The Flintstone Kids'')

  • Shamrock and Roll (''!Mucha Lucha!,'' 9/11/2004)

  • No Sex, Some Drugs and a Little Rock ‘n' Roll (''7th Heaven,'' 11/16/1998)

  • Old Time Rocks That Roll (''Kidd Video,'' )

  • Reading, Writing, and Rock & Roll (''Punky Brewster,'' 10/30/1987)

  • Rock and Rolling Frankenstone (''The Frankenstones'')

  • Rock Enroll (''Family Matters,'' 1/7/1994)

  • Rocket n' Rollin' Raisins (''The California Raisins,'' 11/11/1989)

  • Sex, Death and Rock 'n' Roll (''Swift Justice,'' 3/27/1996)

  • Sex, Judge, and Rock & Roll (''My Two Dads,'' 11/15/1987)

  • Sex, Rugs and Rock 'n' Roll (''Room for Two,'' 6/8/1993)

  • The Rocks That Couldn't Roll (''Out of This World,'' 1/27/1990)

  • The Trews about Rock & Roll (''Radio Free Roscoe,'' 5/20/2005)

  • The Women of Rock and Roll (''Rock 'n' Roll: The First 25 Years,'' )

  • Truth, Lies and Rock 'n' Roll (''Marker,'' 4/25/1995)

  • We Built This Kitty on Rock & Roll (''Cory in the House,'' 2/2/2007)

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