Monday, January 22, 2007

Pirate Master

Maybe you read the note at TV Squad or the article at Reality TV World that CBS picked-up Mark Burnett's pirate reality show way back in November '06?

Did you notice something odd about these announcements? The show never really had a name. At best it's been called "CBS' Pirate Project" or "Untitled Pirates Reality Series". And Mark Burnett Productions (JMBP, Inc.) has been pretty secretive about the show in general. Burnett hasn't even announced the official name of the show, but I have a pretty good inkling.

"Pirate Master"

On January 12, 2007 JMBP, Inc. filed documents with the United States Patent & Tradmark Office (USPTO) to protect the phrase "Pirate Master" for 'entertainment services in the nature of a reality television series.' On that same day somebody registered the domain Unfortunately, the registration info is private and the website is simply parked; so I couldn't completely confirm that JMBP registered the domain. But the timing is too much of a coincidence.


Anonymous said...

i know one of the girls that was casted to go on the show she is leaving on fri and she's not 21

Anonymous said...

I'm Gloria Query and I mailed a tryout tape to Lynne Spillman For the Pirate Project one day after I mailed a tryout tape directly to her for the Survivor 15 reality show. She had told me back in August when I didn't make Survivor Fiji cut that I could try out again and send it directly to her. They probably both got thrown in the trashcan, who knows the truth of what happens to these tapes.I have dreamed for Survivor for 7 long years and I know I will get no call for Pirates Project Or Survivor 15. Names aren't important, but any reality show produced by Mark Burnett will be good reality show to watch. He puts a lot of hard work into his ideas and he has a plentiful staff to format his shows especially on location setting everything up for taping. So, Ahoy mates the show will be great. Gloria Query 3/09/07

Anonymous said...

Boston Rob and Amber should be casted

dogpirate said...

Hey folks, aren't we all getting just a little bit tired of Amber and Rob. Come on now!

Anonymous said...

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