Monday, September 12, 2005

Tomorrow Is Another Scheduled Day

You may have noticed a pattern emerge in my posts over the last three weeks. I've been testing a schedule of topics, and I think the plan might actually work. So here's a schedule of posts that you can expect from here on out.

Monday (aka Adminday): Mostly administrative items, such as:
  • new features like On This Date and Total Tube Time. Next week I'll introduce Power Ratings.
  • highlights of older posts that I've recently updated, such as the list of busted pilots.
  • new functionality, like the expandable menus (by topic) for all posts on the far right sidebar and the expandable list for On This Date on the near sidebar.

    Tuesday (aka Trivia Tuesday): Pretty self-explanatory.

    Wednesday (aka Epsday): Fun with episode titles.

    Thursday (aka Tech Thursday): Everything technology. Mostly new. Some retro.

    Friday (aka Free4Allday): Any topic is fair game.

    Saturday (aka Staturday): I'll focus on TV stats and numbers, but I won't post every Saturday since these posts require more research.
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