Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Romancing Stone Gathers No Moss

If you watch Fox at 8:30PM tonight, you'll see the ''Romancing the Stones'' episode of ''Stacked.''

We've already seen how TV writers use ep titles to pay homage to popular movies, and I have to say I was shocked that the Kathleen Turner movie didn't inspire more titles. Here's the short list:
  • Necromancing the Stone (''Charmed,'' 5/4/2003)
  • Romancing the Bird (A Good Eats Thanksgiving) (''Good Eats'')
  • Romancing the Crone (''Cybill,'' 3/10/1996)
  • Romancing the Drone (''L.A. Law,'' 11/17/1988)
  • Romancing the Home (''Like Family,'' 4/1/2004)
  • Romancing the Joan (''Joan of Arcadia,'' 2/11/2005)
  • Romancing the Throne (''Early Edition,'' 1/17/1998)
  • Romancing the Tube (''California Dreams,'' 11/14/1992)

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