Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I received a request. A real live query. (Thanks, Toby!)
It's probably too late for you to do the proper research, but considering the date for tomorrow, has the phrase "Number Of The Beast" ever been adapted for episode titles?
It's not Wednesday — the usual day for ep titles — but I aim to please!

First, you may recall my previous post about ep titles with the number 666.

Now, let's get to the question at hand.

I didn't find a single US show that used this phrase for any ep titles. A British show, Wcyliffe, aired an ep called "Number of the Beast" on June 16, 1996. And that's it.

Then I thought you might settle for some variants of "Number of the Beast." Phrases like "---- of the Beast" and "Number of the -----." I found a number of shows with:
  • "Nature of the Beast"
  • "Belly of the Beast"
  • the "Man Beast" and the "Night Beast"
  • "Afternoon" or "Night of the Beast"
That's not quite what you're looking for. Here's what's left:
  • The Brand of the Beast (''Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea,'' 12/18/1966)
  • Mark of the Beast (''The Lost World,'' 4/21/2001)
Kind of a disappointing list. I had such high hopes, too!

What 'bout "The Omen"? No luck. Beelzebub? Nope. The Four Horsemen? The Apocalypse?
  • The Three Horsemen of Mandragora (''Shazzan!'')
  • The Poor Sportsmen of the Apocalypse (''The Jeff Foxworthy Show,'' 10/7/1996)
  • Johnny Apocalypse (''Invisible Man,'' 6/15/2001)
Once I eliminate variants of the film "Apocalypse Now," there isn't much left.

Seems like TV writers try to avoid the Beast like the devil.

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